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Lacey and Larkin Vs Arpaio: The Sequel

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have a lot to say about the pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and none of it is nice. The co-founders and former owners of Phoenix New Times clashed with “America’s Toughest Sheriff” on many occasions. During his 24-year tenure as Sheriff, New Times reporters relentlessly shadowed Arpaio.

Lacey and Larkin’s stewardship saw the exposure of many scandals, forever tainting Arpaio’s legacy with controversy. Having born the paper out of social injustice, creating it as a response to the Kent State killings in the 70’s, the duo saw it as their duty to keep tabs on Arpaio. Now years after selling the New Times, the newspapermen are back, offering their insight into Arpaio’s release.

A amalgamation of crooked individuals, this is Michael Lacey’s opinion of the pardon. Acknowledging that the pardon was nothing more than political pandering, Lacey expressed hope that the decision would ultimately hurt Trump.

Lacey, a drop out from Arizona State University, has been championing free speech since the 70’s. Following the outrage of the Kent State killings, Lacey founded the New Times to respond to the conservative narrative. Jim Larkin, a fellow drop out, came onboard in 1972 to handle advertising.

The paper grew from a struggling independent weekly, to a campus tradition, garnering a following that grew stronger every year. The paper fought the establishment for years, and then finally began butting heads with Arpaio when he took office in 1992. The grudge between the two grew until it finally erupted past words.

Arpaio ended up banning Phoenix New Times reporters from press meetings. Nevertheless, that did not stop the digging. When a story published by the New Times divulged Arpaio’s address, he responded by seeking prosecution for the reporter. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Arpaio served the paper with subpoenas, and their response was to publish a story outlining the subpoena in complete detail. Disclosing a grand jury matter publicly is considered a criminal act, so Arpaio arrested the founders on October 18, 2007.

They were in jail for a total of 24 hours. The outrage sparked by the arrests led to their release. Larkin and Lacey sued Maricopa County, and received a $3.75 million dollar payout in 2013. The duo used the money to form the Lacey and Larkin Fronterra Fund, which distributes the settlement to struggling Latino families across Arizona.

Arpaio plans to run for Senate, announcing his candidacy following his pardon by Trump. With the former Sheriff walking back into the spotlight, many eyes turned to Lacey and Larkin. They were not disappointed. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The newsmen are returning as well, founding a website dedicated to the First Amendment, that will launch this year. The site is called Front Page Confidential, and will operate under Lacey and Larkin’s stewardship.

The stage is set for a sequel, and this one may end up being better than the original. One thing is for sure, Arpaio will find his Senate run as dogged as his tenure as Sheriff.

Lacey and Larkin: Jailed for No Reason

It’s not unheard of for local police officers to get into trouble, but higher-ranking law enforcers usually stay out of trouble. In Sheriff Arpaio’s case, he stayed out of trouble so long because he was using his power to silence his critics. Two critics he never silenced were Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Lacey and Larkin co-founded Phoenix New Times in the early 70s. Since then, New Times has been their weapon against the ultra-conservative wave of oppression that’s blanketed Arizona for decades. That blanket of conservative views allowed people like Joe Arpaio to reign tyranny on the helpless.

Most of the local media’s coverage of Arpaio made him look like a nice man who just does his job as best he can. New Times revealed that Arpaio was a horrible man. He often participated in anti-Mexican fear-mongering, where he usually played a patriarchal role.

Everyone avoided talking about his racist believes because he was a good sheriff. Again, New Times revealed that even that was a lie. They found financial irregularities, and he couldn’t even properly manage his own sheriff’s office. He applied those same poor management skills to the jails he was responsible for overseeing. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

The substandard health conditions in those jails led to numerous illnesses and even some deaths. Still, local Arizona ignored how terrible this man was. Even when New Times reported on the way he systematically persecuted, profiled, and detained Latinos, they ignored his actions. Eventually, Arpaio became enraged with Phoenix New Times. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

He tried, as he’s done many times before, to silence New Times. He used fake subpoenas to try to acquire all of New Times’ records and notes. He even wanted the names and personal records of New Times’ editors and writers. Still, he hadn’t crossed the line enough to get people’s immediate attention.

On October 18, 2007, he crossed the line. That night, he sent his controversial “Selective Enforcement Unit” to arrest Lacey and Larkin. They didn’t just arrest them and take them to the station. They arrested the duo in the middle of the night and drove them to separate jails.

Again, Arpaio used fake subpoenas to try to force the duo into giving up the names of their editors and writers. This time, he wanted more, demanding the personal information of their readers.

Joel Friant: The First Habanero Shaker Spices Things Up

Joel Friant is an avid free-market enthusiast entrepreneur and has a successful home-based business. He is passionate about helping others and has entered into the field of restaurants in 1995. He was previously involved with real estate and home remodeling but found his true passion as the “Thai Guy. He created the very first Habanero Chile Pepper Shaker and the rest is history.

His flagship product landed in some of the largest grocery store chains. After succeeding in plenty of sales, he moved on to doing his own Real Estate business. He quickly moved up the ladder and then opened his own branch. He figured out why some people seemed to become very successful while others did not and he began to create his very own concepts in this matter.

He also became interested in online sales and even completed an online course that helped him to successfully sell his product, the Habanero Shaker. He also got interested in crypto-currencies.

Joel Friant absolutely loves the Habanero Chile Pepper and he created the Habanero Shaker because there wasn’t one on the market. There were other spices on the market but never Habanero shakers. He set out to change that and he did. Friant had his very first Habanero in high school and he fell in love with it.

A typical day for Friant involves getting to the most important things first and then dealing with the rest. To clear his head he rides his bike. He brainstorms and then jots his ideas on paper. He gets excited about spices and finds it is easiest to be productive be when he writes things down on paper.

His worst job ever was scraping gum off the sidewalk and he has come a long way since then. He believes that success is all in the mind.

The Habanero pepper can trigger your brain to produce a healthy dose of endorphins which is a natural painkiller. They do the body good and are great on everything. Habanero peppers are among the hottest peppers in the world and they bring flavor and heat to any dish.

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Daniel Mark Harrison: An Expert of Endless Trades

Daniel Mark Harrison is a respectable individual in both business and cryptocurrency industries because of the several achievements he accomplished. Mr. Harrison is a man of many talents as he is not only an entrepreneur but also an author, publisher, blockchain evangelist and businessperson among other titles. Presently, he serves as the Chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Company (DMH & CO). Additionally, he is also a Managing Associate at Monkey Capital.

Money Capital is a decentralized organization specializing in blockchain systems and hedge fund investments since March 2016. Furthermore, it speculates in large blocks of crypto and is currently the leading company to sell ICO options efficiently.

Money Capital presents to the market a unique blend of high-grade operations, executive team, and captivating projects. The organization is known for its deep value in Blockchain investments that results in Ethereum-style benefits. Moreover, Chris Waltzek, a prominent radio host has credited Monkey Capital with a six from a possible 5-star rating. This ranking was offered when the radio presenter interviewed Daniel on his show on Thursday. Mr. Waltzek has in the past questioned many other prominent entrepreneurs including George Soros and Jim Rodgers.

In the recent past, Monkey Capital made news when it was the first to sell pre-ICO options dubbed COEVAL successfully trading in Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX). This made Huffington Post describe the firm’s ICO as the ‘Billion Dollar Baboon.’ Abeam Khan, a senior reporter with the media house, expressed how the chats rooms were to raise billion dollars marking the first ever ten digit amount to be raised in a crowdfunding campaign

About Daniel Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison as the top executive DMH & CO has managed to expand the company’s existence to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. Mr. Harrison has made a name for himself and has been featured by several media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, CNN. Forbes, T Portfolio Magazine, and the Daily Dot, Reuters,, and Bloomberg.

Daniel’s has a strong education background that gave him the right knowledge and expertise to become a successful businessperson. Mr. Harrison is a Bachelor’s degree holder in theology attained at the University of Oxford, holds a master’s in Business Administration from Norwegian Business School and a Masters in Journalism achieved from the New York University.

Avi Weisfogel is Changing the Lives of Sleep Apnea Sufferers

Sleep is paramount to all human beings who want to live a healthy life. However, due to the busy schedules by the modern generation, people ignore their sleep so that they can work and travel. It is very common to find people taking coffee and other similar beverages so that they can work for longer hours. This trend is not talked about by many individuals, but it has serious effects on the lives of the people concerned. The people who do not get enough sleep will get several consequences at the end of the day. These people might appear tired and old after some time too.

According to experts such as Avi, sleep deprivation leads to puffy looking eyes that are not attractive. Nobody wants to have these kinds of eyes. Just like old age, lack of sleep can bring wrinkles in the face of the people affected. It is paramount to give your body adequate rest so that it can relieve the normal stresses of life. When the body has enough sleep, it will be prepared for the activities taking place in the next day. If possible, the body should be given more than seven hours of sleep every day.

There are several conditions that are associated with sleep. Unfortunately, they are not known by most people. One of the most common is known as Sleep apnea. The condition happens when a person stops breathing when they are sleeping. The condition is very common, but very few people know that they are suffering from it. Dentists like Avi Weisfogel are working hard to change the lives of the people who have this condition.

Together with several other medical professionals, Avi has been doing his best to come up with great instruments that can be used by sleep apnea patients. The group is also working hard to create about the disease which is not understood by most patients. The condition is also related to dentistry, and this is why the medical practitioners are doing their best to educate the public.Weisfogel has introduced an institution to support dentists so that they too can transform the lives of patients.

The Efforts the Team at Waiakea Water have Made to Help Preserve the Environment

Waiakea water recently announced plans to start using a new type of plastic for its bottles. The current bottles are made of recyclable PET, but the new bottles will be made of plastic that is made to be completely degradable. The new material will significantly reduce the lifespan the plastic has, which in turn will reduce the amount of waste products found in landfills. In fact, the new degradable plastic will take only 15 years to disintegrate in comparison to the 1,500 years it currently takes.

Choosing to use a more Eco-friendly type of container is not the first effort the team at Waiakea has made in its efforts to preserve the environment. In addition to using RPET bottles, this company also uses a manufacturing process designed to reduce the amount of carbon released into the air. This process also uses 85 percent less energy as well as 90 percent less water. The new addition of the degradable plastic helps the company meet the goals they have set to help preserve the planet’s natural Eco-systems.

While the manufacturing process and improved plastic bottles definitely reduce the the carbon footprint left behind by the Waiakea water brand, the source of the water also helps maintain healthy habitats for plants and animals. The water for this brand comes from a spring found at the foot of the Mauna Loa volcano on the island of Hawaii. The rain and snow that fall on the volcano, makes it way into the surrounding ground where it eventually emerges in an underground spring. Since the water comes from the precipitation that falls in this region it is classified as coming from a renewable resource.

Not only is the Waiakea brand of bottled water destined to become a degradable Waiakea water brand, it is also a healthy brand of bottled water. When the precipitation from the Mauna Loa volcano seeps into the ground it travels through layers of volcanic rock, which enhance it with minerals such as silica and magnesium. These natural rock formations also give the water a natural pH level that makes it a better beverage for hydration.

Louis Chenevert is Not Only a Businessman

Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert is somewhat of a luck charm. With any company he works for he grows their profits tremendously with sacrificing ethics and people’s jobs. Standing at 6’5″ he is larger than life in more ways than one. Mr. Chenevert was born in Quebec in 1958. As a young adult he received his Bachelor’s degree in Production Management from the Université de Montréal. He has had a longstanding and fruitful career that most execs would be green with envy with.

In his early career, Louis spend 14 years at General Motors. He worked as the St. Therese Production General Manager. He was still working at General Motors when he started working for United Technologies Corporation, in the Pratt & Whitney business unit. They manufacture and service auxiliary power units and military aircraft engines. United Technologies Corporation (UTC) was so impressed with his work they elected Mr. Chenevert President of the whole Pratt & Whitney division before the turn of the century. Eventually his role continued growing and he kept moving up in the company. After seven years as President of the Pratt & Whitney division. He was elected to be President and Chief Executive Officer of the whole UTC company, which he led until his retirement in 2014. He had certainly earned it achieving new heights of success that United Technologies Corporation has ever seen.

With Louis in leadership role, his achievements totaled an impressive $100 billion dollars. Most big shots would of loved to accomplish this in their whole career, but Mr. Chenevert did it in only a year! One of his other biggest accomplishments was acquiring tire giant Goodrich. This took over a year of negotiations, but he succeeded and UTC bought Goodrich for only $18.4 billion dollars.

Not only was Louis focused on attaining the most advanced technology, but he also invested in the employees’ futures and happiness. He made it a personal goal to the company better than when he started working there. He kept his promise and helped countless employees get the education they dreamed of. UTC created the Employee Scholar Program. It pays for the employees to further their education in their chosen field. So far well over 40,000 employees have received their degree, and UTC has invested over $1 billion dollars into the program. Chenevert currently works for Goldman Sachs.