Brazilian Butt Lifts In Dallas Is The New Norm

Have you ever been to Dallas, Texas? Well, Dallas is a true American city, and it offers plenty of exciting things to do. Dallas is also very popular in cosmetic surgery thanks to its wide array of medical centers. Butt lifts in Dallas seem to be the thing to do and there are many good cosmetic surgeons in the city. USA Plastic Surgery, North Texas Plastic Surgery and the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute are three of the marquee-names in Texas. Would you be interested in cosmetic surgery? Would you be interested in butt lift surgery? If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place and this is why.


The first thing about butt lift surgery is to make sure that you’re a candidate for service. Surgeons will not operate if you aren’t in the best of health, if you’re morbidly-overweight, or if you’re an excessive smoker. All of these factors can play a negative role in any surgical procedure. If you can’t put the alcohol down, then you will not make a good candidate for service. One of the best things about this procedure is that there are more than one way to pay. Of course, you can pay the entire balance upfront, or you can split it into payments. Most medical facilities will offer some type of financing whether it’s from the center itself, or it’s from an outside source. As with any kind of surgery, you will need to go to your follow-up appointments. General issues after surgery are soreness and swelling, which is common with most surgeries.


While in the healing process, patients will need to know how to properly clean the area as well as drain the surgical drains. You’ll also be equipped with a compression garment. The healing process will generally be around a month, but some people have healed in a matter of a few weeks. After that, you can enjoy your perky rear-end to the fullest.

Heart Within: Getting to Know the Softer Side of Dr. Sam Jejurikar

Most people who know Dr. Sam Jejurikar know him because of his work. Many men and women have put their dreams in his hands because they trust his expertise.


The plastic surgeon is an expert in breast augmentation, liposuction procedures, rhinoplasty, and even facelift procedures, just to name a few. His qualifications as a plastic surgeon has garnered him a place in the prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute that is in the heart of Texas. No one would argue that this individual has not earned the praise he receives from his patients, but there is another side of him that some people do not always pay attention to.


The board-certified cosmetic specialist is also an active participant in the annual medical mission to Bangladesh with the Smile Bangladesh organization. Dr. Jejurikar joined fellow medical experts to help impoverish kids and families who need a helping hand.


The plastic surgeon lends his expertise on these annual trips but, most of all, he finds it rewarding to know that he was able to help if only just a bit. The plastic surgeon is also very involved in community empowerment efforts in Dallas, Plano, and other surrounding areas. He likes to feel part of the community he serves, which is why Dr. Jejurikar always seems to get involved with many local projects.


Some of his popularity is due to his charity work though his exceptional work with those who need cosmetic work also speaks for itself. The work he engages in also includes reconstructive surgery and microsurgery when necessary.


It seems that the cosmetic surgeon feels incredibly grateful about being able to provide help in the ways he is able to. Dr. Jejurikar knows that being able to boost a person’s self-esteem and confidence by giving them the appearance they have always wanted is well worth his dedication to his craft.