Vice President

Robert Thikoll – A Vice President and a Mentor

Robert Thikoll, the Vice President of Ingersoll Rand, since 2014, provides a plethora of influential information for those business professionals looking to excel in a business venture. He is an intelligent leader with plenty of advice for vice presidents, entrepreneurs or even CEOs who are looking for new tips to implement in order to make them better leaders. Ingersoll Rand is currently a success, with close workings with Club Car®, Thermo King® and Trane® to collectively and consistently improve the quality of air in homes and buildings; increase industrial productivity; and transport and protect food. Fifty percent of the ideas to accomplish such task at high success levels are responsible do to collective team efforts and not just that from the dominance of one man.

Its not easy doing vice president work for a $13 billion dollar company like Ingersoll Rand. With great effort, higher education, team work, mentoring and intelligent strategies and implementations, Robert Thokoll was able to achieve such feat. With his partner-shipping with presidents and senior leaders of Ingersoll Rand, they are able to identify and execute strategic opportunities to continue to grow the company to winning capacities! Below are some of Ingersol Rand’s most helpful tips in the world of leaders:

  • Daily Management – Utilize a trend plot system to show wins and loses. Be sure to stay up-to-date.
  • Understand Your Team’s Problems – Think not that a systematic approach to what you think a team’s problems may be, due to past occurrences, is the right approach, it is not. Tailor solutions accordingly to the particular team at hand.
  • Problems Can Be Solved No Matter What Time of The Year It Is – With the right team, belief and plan, w/execution, you can meet goals that you had no idea was possible.

Robert Thikoll has much to share to anyone who is willing to listen as mentoring and developing people is a huge motivation in his life! You can excel with the right team, attitude and plan and Robert proves it! A remarkable man of a remarkable company that is successful due to his remarkable work!

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