Elysium Health’s Fountain of Youth

Medical and Scientific researchers would more than likely love to discover a fountain of youth pill that could stop aging. They would probably bottle the discovery and sell it in a pill form to interested consumers. Elysium Health states that they’ve found a cure for aging and that they are in the process of producing vitamin pills that stop aging. Leonard Guarente, is an MIT graduate and the founder of the startup in the works.

Unconventional Methods

Leonard Guarente is excited about the anti-aging pill and is rushing to get it on the market quickly. He admits that additional research to back up his claim that the pills will have the same anti-aging effects on humans, similar to the effects produced by animals would take decades. Therefore, he decided to market the product by taking a purely unconventional route backed by animal lab research only. Furthermore, Guarente states that their company’s ultimate goal is to market the product and follow-up with surveys directed at customers.

The Little Blue Pill

It’s also interesting to note that the name of the pill hitting the market is Basis. This is the first anti-aging pill produced by the company. Certainly, more are forthcoming in the future. The pills are a new form of dietary supplement, according to the company founder. The company follows strict quality production and the only way to get your hands on their anti-aging dietary supplement is on their website.

Elysium’s Mission
Elysium is on a mission to work closely with the health and medical community to provide a better quality of life for people. Elysium works with cutting edge technology and some of the most celebrated scientist and clinicians in developing scientifically sound and healthy products for the consumer market. It is their mission to make the products a part of the consumer’s daily life.