Fabletics Capitalizing on New Shopping Trend

Since the invention of online shopping, shopping trends had shifted in all kinds of directions. Currently, the big shopping trend is crowd-sourced reviews. Modern shoppers read numerous reviews before determining a final purchase. That’s why many brands are embracing more review-centric marketing strategies.

One of the leading companies to embrace crowd-sourced reviews is Fabletics. Fabletics got its start in direct contact with its consumers. Fabletics is a membership-based e-commerce brand that sells directly to its customers. Using new strategies that embrace their customers allowed the company to grow into a $250 million business. The more positive customer-reviews a brand has, the more successful it is.

Fabletics also experienced a lot of success thanks to one of its co-founders, Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson has long been a fashion icon, so starting her own fashion line made a lot of women really excited. For Hudson, Fabletics is more than just affordable fashion.

Fabletics is an athleisure brand that hopes to inspire women to embrace a healthier life. It’s the first high-quality, affordable line that’s designed for all women; regardless of size, age, or fashion preference. Recently, Fabletics added a plus-size line. Hudson’s wanted to create great-quality plus size items since the only other company making them charged $250 for one pair of yoga pants.

Expanding into plus sizes was marketing genius. It’s a simple industry fact that most activewear companies don’t make plus-size products. While Fabletic’s commitment to created lines for all shapes and sizes is remarkable, the bigger story is about America’s on-going battle with health.

That commitment to her customers is why she’s so dedicated to the company. Unlike a lot of other celebrities, who simply sign their names on bland businesses, Kate Hudson is a very hard-working business woman. She even goes over sales numbers on a regular basis.

Hudson’s work ethic is inspiring. She actually knows everything about the company, including which items are selling. If something isn’t moving like it should, it’s taken down immediately. She’s also heavily involved with marketing. Last year, she used her iPhone to shoot an unfiltered commercial starring herself.

To many people’s surprise, Fabletics is actually a good brand. As discussed above, most consumers rely on crowd-sourced reviews. The reviews about Fabletics are, for the most part, positive. Of course, there are those who look for problems and over-exaggerate everything, but Fabletics isn’t fazed.

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