Joel Friant: The First Habanero Shaker Spices Things Up

Joel Friant is an avid free-market enthusiast entrepreneur and has a successful home-based business. He is passionate about helping others and has entered into the field of restaurants in 1995. He was previously involved with real estate and home remodeling but found his true passion as the “Thai Guy. He created the very first Habanero Chile Pepper Shaker and the rest is history.

His flagship product landed in some of the largest grocery store chains. After succeeding in plenty of sales, he moved on to doing his own Real Estate business. He quickly moved up the ladder and then opened his own branch. He figured out why some people seemed to become very successful while others did not and he began to create his very own concepts in this matter.

He also became interested in online sales and even completed an online course that helped him to successfully sell his product, the Habanero Shaker. He also got interested in crypto-currencies.

Joel Friant absolutely loves the Habanero Chile Pepper and he created the Habanero Shaker because there wasn’t one on the market. There were other spices on the market but never Habanero shakers. He set out to change that and he did. Friant had his very first Habanero in high school and he fell in love with it.

A typical day for Friant involves getting to the most important things first and then dealing with the rest. To clear his head he rides his bike. He brainstorms and then jots his ideas on paper. He gets excited about spices and finds it is easiest to be productive be when he writes things down on paper.

His worst job ever was scraping gum off the sidewalk and he has come a long way since then. He believes that success is all in the mind.

The Habanero pepper can trigger your brain to produce a healthy dose of endorphins which is a natural painkiller. They do the body good and are great on everything. Habanero peppers are among the hottest peppers in the world and they bring flavor and heat to any dish.

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