The Oxford Club Offers Three Tips To Keep In Mind When Investing

Investment U has an article that gives you three tips to earning higher returns in 2018. The first tip is to save more. The writer of the article states that a 2017 Retirement Confidence Survey shows that many people in the United States have saved nowhere near enough to retire. The biggest reason for this is that they don’t save enough money out of each paycheck. About 25% have less than $1,000 saved for retirement and 50% have less than $25,000. Numbers like these are woeful.

The Oxford Club is an international organization of investors who share information about investing. Investment U is the educational arm of this organization. It is based in Baltimore, Maryland and they have developed strategies to beat the market. The organization is comprised of over 80,000 members and they are located in over 100 nations.

The second tip of the Oxford Club article is to reduce your investment costs. While the saying is you get what you pay for that is entirely untrue when it comes to your investments. Most actively managed fund fails to beat their benchmark and over longer periods of time like 10 years 95% of them fail to do so. So, avoid actively managed funds.

The third tip offered by Oxford Club is to rebalance your portfolio. With the recent runup in stocks you are likely now holding too much stock and not enough bonds. Your financial plan is out of whack and rebalancing fixes this issue.

The Oxford Club offers many ways to learn about investing. They offer tips on Investment U online and also issue a number of monthly newsletters. The Oxford Club also offers symposiums, financial seminars, and opportunities to travel internationally. On these trips their members get a firsthand view of the companies and markets overseas so they know where to put their money.